The Tableau Software donation program at TechSoup provides data analysis and visualization software to eligible nonprofits and charities throughout the world.

With minimal experience, you can use Tableau software to produce and share visual representations of any data your organization collects.


To find out if your organization can receive donations through this program, review the Tableau eligibility guidelines.

About Tableau

Put together an Academy Award–winning professor, a brilliant computer scientist, and a savvy business leader with a passion for data. Add in one of the most challenging problems in software — making databases and spreadsheets understandable to ordinary people. Founded in 2003, Tableau is used by more than 29,000 companies worldwide across every industry — unified by their need to understand their data.

Tableau Foundation's mission is to encourage the use of facts and analytical reasoning to solve the world's problems. Our approach to corporate philanthropy is to enable and empower nonprofits with fast data insights to advance their work of helping people.

Tableau Software website

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