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Visual Studio Enterprise is an integrated development environment (IDE) for enterprise teams. It includes advanced tools for architecture and modeling.

This donation provides one license and a subscription to the Microsoft Developer Network (MSDN). The MSDN subscription includes a server license for Visual Studio Team Foundation Server, one Team Foundation Server CAL, and one Office Professional Plus license. See a summary of Volume Licensing Product Terms for specific licensing details.

Which Versions of This Software Are Available?

You can choose to download the current version or the previous version of this software. You can find out which version is the current one in the Microsoft Title Groups document. In addition, you can download the software in any language that's available.

Benefits for Organizations

If you have software development experience, you can use Visual Studio to

·    Develop custom applications for use in your organization

·    Develop mobile and web applications for use by your constituents and donors

Major Capabilities

·    Use major programming languages

·    Visual Basic, C, C++, C#, JavaScript, and F#

·    Develop for Windows 10

·    Use default project templates that provide the files, resources, and structure for various kinds of Windows Store apps

·    Use various tools to debug, optimize, and publish apps

·    Develop for the web

·    Edit HTML, CSS, and JavaScript in their own editors

·    Test the same page, application, or site in a variety of browsers

·    Develop web applications against a server identical to Internet Information Services (IIS)

·    Develop for the cloud

·    Develop, deploy, and test applications and services for Windows Azure

·    Use profiling tools to identify the possible causes of poor performance

·    Use Visual Studio LightSwitch templates to implement common application logic

·    Develop for SharePoint

·    Accelerate project development with project templates and design tools

·    Ensure that sites function correctly with testing and optimization facilities

·    Use a deployment wizard to package a SharePoint site and upload it to a web server

·    Automate your lab environment

·    Automate the process of building, deploying, and running automated tests on your application

·    Understand relationships in existing code

·    Map your code to understand its architecture and design and navigate it visually

Free Editions

For organizations that do not need the full functionality of Visual Studio, Microsoft offers free, downloadable editions.

Microsoft Developer Network (MSDN) Subscription

This version of Visual Studio includes a two-year subscription to the Microsoft Developer Network (MSDN). Visit the Microsoft site to learn which MSDN benefits this product includes.

To activate the MSDN subscription, you must perform an additional step while retrieving your license keys from the Microsoft Volume Licensing Service Center website: click Subscriptions in the VLSC menu bar and follow the MSDN link to enter information about the subscribing user. When the process is complete, the user will receive an email with a subscriber ID and directions to the MSDN website.

Price: EGP 1,075.00